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Pet Lodge Requirements:

  • All dogs that enter our facility must be in good health, be free of fleas, ticks and all communicable diseases.
  • You will be required to provide proof that your dogs have the following shots: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordatella (kennel cough). We have the right to refuse entrance into our facility without proper shots.
  • Puppies will be accepted if they are of age for all shots and house broken.
  • Male dogs over the age of 7 month must be neutered - no exceptions.
  • All dogs that enter the facility must be friendly to other people and dogs (Click here to read more on appropriate socialization of your dog). No aggressive behavior from your pet will be tolerated towards another dog or our staff members. We reserve the right to have the pet picked up by other family members in extreme cases. Your pet will not be invited to return to our facility without seeking professional help. Then we will be willing to reevaluate. 
  • All new clients may want to consider a trial day of daycare before boarding. In some cases it may be a requirement if our staff may see some potential problem areas of behavior.
  • Any dog that habitually or compulsively urinates indoors will be “expelled”. This behavior is unsanitary and poses a serious health risk to staff and other dogs.
  • In order to respect other guest in the Pet Lodge, please keep excessive barking down in both arrival and departure. We realize our guests are ready to walk and play, but please be respectful of others!
  • All dogs must be able to be handled well on a leash or slip lead. Do to the high volume of exercise we need to be able to handle dogs safely and often.
  • The Pet Lodge is a high exercise facility. We individualize the exercise program to each guest. Daycare and boarding dogs are all on a daily exercise program that is the same. That includes three half hour walks per day and/or in addition to playtime in turnout areas. Play groups are adusted by staff according to temperment and behavior. These adjustments may be made several times a day. Swimming available daily until pond ices over!
  • Please allow time for a short pre-exam of your dog when you arrive and to fill out all the information we will need about your dog. You can do the pre-entry information on the phone with us or by mail, then you will only need to sign the boarding/daycare contract when you arrive.

Pet Lodge Recommendations:

  • You can bring any medication and we will administer them free of charge. No shots, please.
  • Please bring any extra bedding and toys that are your dog’s favorite. This will make their stay more comfortable. Each suite has a platform bed with a couch or comforter, a color TV with a full choice of dog movies, a customized climate environment, continuous lighting and a private indoor patio area. Each suite has a full patio door, which provides a quieter atmosphere. These features enable us to keep the stress level of your dog at a minimum.
  • In order to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, we recommend that you bring your own food and make sure you bring plenty for the entire stay! It is always best to bring extra than not enough.
  • The Pet Lodge will have hard bones available for your dog’s stay, at a small cost, or you are welcome to bring your own.
  • The Pet Lodge is a high exercise facility. If your pet has limitations, please note that on the pre-entry papers when you arrive.

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